Lazy citrus cordial

19 Apr 2020

This is a lazy variation of the Trash Tiki’s citrus stock. It doesn’t need any cooking, and produces a bitter-ish and sour syrup that will feel at home in any citrus-forward cocktail (pisco sour being amongst my favorites).

You can make it with any juiced citrus husks you have on hand, and the final flavor profile will depend on the fruit used. If you have access to bergamot oranges, they produce an amazingly florar result. Mandarins will yield something sweeter, while grapefruits will shift the balance towards bitterness. Lemon and limes will contribute the good old citrus sourness. Pick your poison!


  • 1000 g juiced citrus husks
  • 250 g fine sugar
  • 1 g salt

Vacuum pack the ingredients (alternatively, combine in a container, shake and squeeze every few hours). Let steep for 6 to 72 hours, depending on how bitter you would like the product to be. Strain out and squeeze the solids. Filter through a coffee filter if desired.

Infinity lemonade

One of my favorite uses for this cordial is lemonade. I call it “infinity lemonade”, because the husks of the citrus used to make it usually produce enough cordial to sweeten the next batch. Neat, huh?

  • 400 g water
  • 400 g strained citrus juice (pick your favorite, the choice will determine flavor profile)
  • 200 g lazy citrus cordial
  • 1 g salt

Combine ingredients in a siphon. Charge with a CO2 canister. Cool to fridge temperature.

Gin and lazy juice

This lemonade can be a perfect mixer.

  • Citrus-forward gin, as desired (I usually go for 60 ml)
  • Infinity lemonade, as desired (I usually go as far as an old fashioned glass will let me)

Pour the gin into a glass filled with ice. Top up with the lemonade. Bonus points if you do it while wearing sweatpants.